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How can I sign up for a Membership

Sign up for membership by visiting our Club Campus and completing an orientation. We are currently hosting Orientations on a need basis.

What could my child do while at The Club?

We have a variety of activities for our members of all ages.  Each age group is separated into designated areas and rotated by the hour. See our Programs page for a list of what is available to your child. 

How early can I bring my child?

Our regular club hours are from 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM. Parents are able to drop off kids during that window. 

Our summer club hours are 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM. See Day Camp for an earlier arrival.

Are the Club Shirts Required?

Yes! We ask that members have their Club shirts upon arrival. This ensures that each member is in their respective area.

Your child's first shirt is included with the membership fee, followed by one lone opportunity, after warning, replacements must be purchased.

Additional shirt fee Is $10.

What do you mean by Open Door Policy?

Our Open Door Policy allows Club Members to enter and leave the Clubhouse facilities as they choose. We are not a daycare provider. The Youth & Family Club of Pomona Valley is not responsible for your child if they leave the Clubhouse premises.

What can I do if I'm late for pickup?

If you cannot pick up your child before the Club closes (6:30 PM Regular hours, 6:00 PM Summer hours) give us a call beforehand. 


A $2 per minute/per child charge will be given to parents, who pick up their child past closing time and haven't provided a notice.

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