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School Sites

The YFCPV in partnership with the Pomona Unified School District is able to serve more families in the Pomona Valley.

The Youth & Family Club Outreach 

The Youth and Family Club of Pomona Valley has provided Sports and Recreational Assistance to the Pomona Unified School District.


Our Social and Recreational Program provides various school sites access to our Sports and Recreation Programs and more importantly our Youth Development Strategy throughout the academic school year during select school hours.

Such sports and activities are run with our Youth Development Strategy at its core. It's through intentional conversations through these organized activities that we can reach today's youth. School Site Directors and Youth Development Professionals are able to build connections during the 4 Week-long sessions at each School Site. 

Hear more about our impact within the Pomona Unified School District: The Club Experience

School Sites Serving

We work with schools to provide a comprehensive youth development program during lunch and recess hours. Our program is led by School Site Directors and youth development specialists who provide sports and recreational programs designed to help children develop into well-rounded individuals. With our proven strategy, your child will gain new skills, build self-confidence, and make lasting memories.

Servicing from 01/29

Our School Site Directors are joined by a group of Youth Development Professionals who offer support in various sports and recreational activities.


Such sports and activities include:


- Soccer

- Kickball 

- Handball

- Football

- Four Square

- Basketball

& More


Washington Elementary School


Harrison Elementary School


Kingsley Elementary School


Madison Elementary School


Philadelphia Elementary School


Armstrong Elementary School


La Verne Charter School

Walking Clubs!

At the Youth & Family Club, safety is our top priority. That's why we offer Walking Clubs, a great way to ensure your child gets safely transported to our club house from select School Sites. Two school site directors lead each walking group, making sure the walk is safe, orderly, and supervised. This is a great way to ensure your child remains supervised while out of School Hours. Sign up your child for Walking Club today and join the Club Movement!

Adam Porpora,  Program Director, YFCPV

"Our dedicated staff is building lives at recess through sports, games, but most importantly through conversations."
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