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The Arts

The Club offers Art Programs

Where creativity meets community!

Our Youth Arts Programs offer fun and creative outlets for children and teenagers to express themselves through various forms of art.


Our Directors guide participants through painting, drawing, and dance, while encouraging exploration of various styles and techniques.


We believe that the arts can be a powerful tool for personal growth and expression, and our program provides a supportive and collaborative environment for participants to build confidence, communication skills, and develop meaningful connections with peers.


All skill levels are welcome, and we offer a variety of workshops throughout the year. Join us and discover your artistic voice today!

The Club Pomona - Aztec Dance

Aztec Dance

These initiatives help young people enhance self-expression and creativity, develop multicultural appreciation, provide exposure to arts, and develop skills in crafts, visual, performing and literary arts. The Dance represents the eternal search of man for cosmic harmony and integration, both of his body and his spirit, and all the chants of Aztec Dance ritual refer to this essential process. The dancers are clothed in elaborate traditional outfits made of colorful embroidered cloth and animal skins, often adorned with polished stones or mirrors and accessories made of shells and seed pods.The women wear highly decorated skirts or tunics, and the men sport a type of loincloth, or “maaxtlati“.Most impressive are the headdresses, or penachos, made of feathers of pheasants, eagles or other birds, which in movement provide a mesmerizing effect to the movements of the dance. Come and partake in the symbolism of Aztec Dance!

Hip Hop

 Dive into 12 Weeks of classes, one day a week to learn new moves, new grooves, and how to express yourself! Classes are open to The Club Members, no dancing experience is necessary. 

Hip Hop Dance Class is hosted by the DEA Educational Foundation. 

Image by BP Miller
Image by Yasamine June

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