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The Boys & Girls Club of Pomona Valley was founded in 1964 by Judge Carlos Teran. Judge Teran was serving as a judge in the City of Los Angeles court prior to coming to Pomona. He had a great relationship with the Variety Boys Club in East Los Angeles. He would make recommendations to many troubled youth to participate in the programs and activities found at the Variety Boys Club.

Judge Teran came to Pomona in the early 60’s to serve in a similar capacity. He inquired on the location of the Boys Club in town and when he realized none existed, he decided to start a Boys Club in Pomona. Judge Teran, Clyde Warren, and Tuck McGuire spearheaded the effort to bring the Positive Place for Kids to the City of Pomona.

Last year over 2,500 boys and girls benefited from the services the Boys & Girls Clubs of Pomona Valley has to offer. In the past 50 years the Pomona Valley club has served over 50,000 youth. Today we strive to continue serving our youth and families with a new name (The Youth and Family Club of Pomona Valley) but the same spirit. Our new name is YFCPV. (The Youth and Family Club of Pomona Valley.)

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