Employment Opportunities



TITLE:                                        Education Director

DEPARTMENT:                         Education

REPORTS TO:                          Unit Director

EXEMPT / NON-EXEMPT:        Exempt



The Educational Director is responsible for planning, implementing, supervising, and evaluating all programs and activities in the Education Center.  S/he also acts as a liaison between the Club members, parents, teachers, tutors, and the community.


KEY ROLES: (Essential Job Responsibilities)

  • Design, implement, and assess an array of academic programs for ages 6-17
  • Collaborate with area organizations and local volunteers to meet tutoring and homework assistance needs of students
  • Implement and supervise a tracking and checklist program designed to ensure students stay on the correct educational path to success. Utilize software to enhance youths’ academic progress
  • Oversee the implementation of the college readiness College Bound program
  • Oversee the Club wide Project Learn initiative
  • Allocate and monitor work assigned to program volunteers and staff, providing ongoing feedback and regular appraisal
  • Identify and support training and development for assigned volunteers and staff
  • Increase visibility of education program by methods which include: posting of daily schedule; Press Releases; Flyers; Outreach in the Community; and in-reach throughout the organization
  • Fulfill the minimum program expectations as outlined on the annual Minimum Program Expectations form


  • Meet individually with members and parents to discuss academic plans and concerns
  • Work with staff and volunteers to implement and assess homework help and other educational programs
  • Assume other duties as assigned



Internal:    Maintain close, daily contact with Club professional staff to interpret and explain organizational mission, program objectives and standards, discuss issues, and provide/receive information; supervise and support education staff; seek input from all program staff.

External:    Maintains contact with community groups, schools, youth serving organizations, parents, families, and outside services to assist in resolving problems and to publicize the program.



  • Four-year degree in related field from an accredited college or university, or equivalent experience.
  • A minimum of two years work experience in a Boys or Girls Club or similar organization planning and supervising activities based on the developmental needs of young people.
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Group leadership skills, including an understanding of group dynamics.
  • Demonstrated organizational, staff and project management abilities.
  • Mandatory CPR and First Aid certifications.
  • Valid state driver’s license in good standing
  • Computer skills.


Location: Pomona, CA

Salary Range: $30,000-34,000 D.O.E.

Schedule: Mon-Fri 10:30 A.M. – 6:30 P.M.

Send your cover letter and resume to jobs@bgcpv.org